Have you every hesitated to buy clothing online because you are not sure if what you are looking at will fit?

Fear not! Here at Vizion Couture we guarantee that any custom suits we make for you will fit you. If you are not satisfied, send it back and we will fix it for FREE.

You don’t need measurements to make your suits? That’s insane!!

That’s right…

This is a common reaction we get from our customer time and time again. And every time we proven ourselves. We do not need measurements and thus throw away that non-universal size cart and measuring tape. We don’t need them.

So how does this work?

It all has to do with one Lester Welton. Our resident master designer is experience and one of the most talented clothing designer you will ever meet. That talent includes the ability to make a perfect fit suit for you after meeting you in person.

That gets a little tricky if you are ordering online so what we do is get a front/back picture of you in a bikini and use them to ensure the suit  we are making will fit you perfectly.

That’s why you will never see a size chart on our website. It really doesn’t matter because we don’t use measurements and size and cut is customized for each client. For example: If you think you are a D cup and put that when you purchase but it turns out your actually closer to B/C cup we will know based on your photos and make the correct top for you that fits.


Example of front/back picture:

Requirements for front/back photos

  • Wear triangle top (no pads or wires)
  • Wear bikini bottoms or thong
  • Stand-up straight (relax, no poses)
  • Avoid angle shots

See for yourself…

After you make your next online purchase be sure to email us your front/back photos of you with the below guidelines. And we will add them to your order information. That’s all there is to it.